update plus dream #3

okay so i decided to take a lil break today and call into work & school because i got an IUD implant and it freakin hurt my tummy. also i may have accidentally spent 7 hours at my boyfriends house but let’s not talk about that lmao. anywayyyyy i had a multiple part dream last night again!!! except this time it was kinda scary.


basically i started out where i was this therapist speaking with this young child. i was asking about what happened because i could tell that he was disturbed by something. he told me that he had been having these really scary dreams. i later found out that his father was a serial killer and the child had witnessed everything. so i spent like the whole part of my dream trying to protect and save this child, and in the end he ended up being a little psychopath and he killed someone after i get the child’s father in jail. then my dream switched and i was in this giant auditorium. this whole place was black and there was a projection on the stage of stars. i began walking around and the auditorium began to morph into a spaceship. i noticed i wasn’t alone in the spaceship. this woman and i knew each other somehow. we were discussing how we were going to escape this place because for some reason it wasn’t safe for us to be there for too long. i decided that the only way to escape was to grab my keys and unlock this chain that was holding up these two ginormous crates. then when they fell and crashed to the ground, catching the attention of whatever we were afraid of, we could run out into space and be safe. i began unlocking the locks on the chain, and for some reason there was like 10 locks that i had to unlock so you know it was extremely suspenseful and i was STRESSED. anyway, long story short–we escaped quickly after it crashed. space was so incredibly beautiful. the sky was this gorgeous purple and the stars were impossibly bright. we flew out into space and we felt safe. there was a bunch of random planets that we decided to visit. one was earth, another was tiny, and another was just a giant jungle planet.

okay so to interpret the first part of my dream i would have to say that i’m trying to help someone in my life that’s actually toxic and is gonna end up hurting themselves or someone else. as for the second part of my dream, i think that it’s a mixture of me trying to solve my problems but feeling stressed and overwhelmed. i think that the planets and space/spaceship was also a morph of stress and that one rick and morty episode where they go around to different places because they’re outlaws. (i had just watched that episode lmaoooo)

dream #2

so i don’t really remember my dream last night, but i do remember one dream that i had a few nights ago because it was a wild ride from start to end. basically it began with me at my work, walmart, and my shift just ended so i’m in the parking lot at night walking back to my car. i notice a guy that is just standing around and staring at me. i’m a little creeped out, but it is walmart so i’m not too surprised. i continue walking, but after a little while i hear footsteps behind me. my heart starts pounding and i turn around and it’s that same guy coming towards me. i get so scared that i begin running to my car and when i make it to my car i look around for the guy but he’s not there anymore. i calm myself down because i figure he must’ve left since i made it to my car safely. i begin to leave the parking lot and head home, but then i notice two headlights from a car behind me. i don’t know how i know, but i KNEW that it was the same guy and he had come to kill me. i notice that he’s driving wildly and there’s people running and screaming away from his car. For some reason i just knew that he’d be chasing me, and the only way to survive was to hide from him. so i got my mom and we decided to travel away from oklahoma. the first place we went was this place that had a carnival 24/7. i remember seeing the big boat ride and obviously every carnival had a ferris wheel. we walked around the place for a while, but eventually we decided that it was just too noisy and the place wasn’t for us. the second location we decided to go to was France. we were walking through this hotel and it had beautiful statues and fountains and the ground was covered in white, sparkly tiles. my mom and i looked at each other and we knew this was the place where we were going to stay. we chose our room and got our key, and decided that we were going to explore the city a bit. we walked downtown at night and the lighting was weird. it wasn’t completely dark but it was kind of dimmed. the city was so beautiful at night. we decided to stay here for the rest of our lives, and we felt completely safe from that man. we just knew that he would never be able to find us, and we felt completely at peace.


okay so basically i was in reasor’s shopping for my family, except it wasn’t actually my real-life family. these were people that i didn’t really know, but i guess in my dream they were my family. anyway my aunt had short poofy brown hair and she was wanting me to purchase some noodles for her to eat, but i really didn’t understand why she couldn’t just purchase it herself. she also said that she wanted a dish towel that was red and had the coca-cola logo on it. i looked and looked, but was unable to find either within the time-frame that i had. she was so annoyed with me, but she pretended that everything was fine. i got back to my hotel after i finished shopping at reasor’s i decided to take a shower. the bathroom was so beautiful and spacious. i took a nice, hot shower and i finish and decide to go to the pool and swim. i don’t really know why i would take a shower and then go to the pool, but i’m not gonna question it because it’s a dream. the second part of my dream i was in this beautiful green dress that was sparkly. i was in new york, but there’s a crisis happening around the state. there was this major tsunami and the whole state was flooded by water. all of the skyscraper buildings were basically almost submerged in water. a few lucky survivors were just hanging on to the building through this rope that was holding us up. i was at the very bottom of the rope, and i watched as my friend felt weak and fell from the rope. i was so devastated that i swung low and i was just crying and screaming. all of the commotion caught the attention of this gigantic shark and it swam up and just devoured me whole. the third part of my dream i was in the ruins of new york, and i was with this guy that i had a very strong connection with. we were just discussing if there were any survivors out there, and where they would be. he stated that there were none, and that he’s been all around and it’s all the same. suddenly he gives me a note, and tells me that he’s going to have to leave me alone out here. i was so angry because i didn’t want to be alone. he motioned towards the note, and that’s when i read what it said. it said “don’t look now, but there’s someone on the building next to us with a gun.” i was terrified, but i played it cool. we slowly walked to the opposite building and when we finally made it we dove down so that we were hidden. the guy that had the gun was in all black, and as soon as we jumped down he began chasing us. he dove down with us but we were saved by this woman who created a door that we could use to teleport away from there. she had black hair and a purple streak on the right side of her hair. she was actually so freaking cool. anyway, sadly this is when my alarm woke me up and the dream ended there.

basically what i think that the last dream meant is that i felt like my whole world is crumbling down, and i feel like i’m losing a close friend. i’m gonna be real and say that i have no idea what the first part of my dream meant. it is super random and i have no idea how to interpret it.


makeup of the day~

IMG_0002.JPG .     basically the lewk i was going for today was a natural, everyday look that really accentuates you’re eyes. so i started off with nothing on my eyes.

IMG_0006.JPG .          these are the shades that i used. i’m not really sure which palette it is, it’s like the nude morphe palette. anyway, in total i used 5 shades.

IMG_0003 .      start with the first shade which is just the base shade. i cover the lid fully and once that’s done i move on to shade number 2.

IMG_0004 .       i cover the upper crease with the 2nd shade. i make sure that it’s only lightly visible, since it’s just the transition shade.


IMG_0005 .   i add the 3rd shade over my crease and a little on my upper lid. it should darken your crease and make it more visible.

IMG_0007 .  next i add the 4th shade only on the end corners of the crease and i shade and blend the shadows together.



for the final step i get the 5th shade on my finger and dab it onto my lid until i’m satisfied with how it looks. ❤ also by no means am i a makeup artist so i really ust do whatever feels right lol! also ignore my dark circles i was up until 3am last night…

update: walmart edition

here’s a lil update on how my day went. it was kinda sucky lol. firstly i made my special coffee but only got to drink about half of it because i spilt the other half all over my sheets. and then when i went to work i got put on greeting people, which isn’t my job btw! so as i was greeting people i saw one woman who was literally just in panties!!! it was so wild, but honestly i wish i could just walk around in panties. it’d be a hell of a lot more comfy. and while i was checking receipts i politely asked this older man for his receipt since he was purchasing a larger item that wasn’t bagged, and he was like “are you accusing me of stealing?” and i was like “i’m not accusing you of anything…it’s just our job to check receipts.” and he replied, “well i’m not going to show my receipt unless you’re accusing me of stealing.” and i was like ….”ok sir.” and he just left. I was so extremely annoyed with him until after my shift ended and my favorite song (Santeria by Sublime) came on my pandora. then i was in a pretty good mood for the rest of the night.

dream #1

okay so here’s the thing about my dreams… i have multiple ones each night. so last night i went to bed at about 3am (um don’t judge me i know it’s a problem) so anyway, basically i’m at hot topic with my whole family and we’re just walking around the shop and talking. for some reason hot topic serves alcohol-idk why it’s a dream so hush- and so i get these two wine glasses. one is filled with this cheapo wine and the other is filled with a really nice one, and this is weird because i don’t drink, but anyway down the hatch the first one goes and it really grossed me out. it tasted like nasty grapes, but i still downed the whole thing because it was free so why not? the second one had a darker orange-ish color to it and as soon as it hit my tongue i knew it was the most delicious thing i had ever tasted in my entire life. that’s pretty much the end of the first part of my dream.

the second part of my dream i was in the forest, and there was a talking lion. there was a bunch of people that were hunting the lion and I didn’t want this poor, innocent lion to die so i told him that he should stick with me and I would protect him. he gave me this look like “yeah this bitch is crazy” and said yeah sure i’ll stay with you, but the second i look away he runs like a bat out of hell away from me. i can only assume that he thinks i’m a hunter so like any sane person i run after him through the forest. we end up near this river/valley/creek/i don’t know what the fuck it’s called but you know what i mean and he dives right on in. i look down and it’s so far down i get a little nervous, but like at the same time there’s freaking lion hunters going after this dude so i have to save him y’know? so i jump in but as soon as i hit the water he starts swimming away from me. i try to swim after him but a swarm of turtles stop me in my tracks and i lose him.

—long ass dream explanation but that’s basically the turmoil i had to deal with last night. as for what i think it means basically i’m going to interpret the wine tasting part of my dream as me subconsciously being curious about alcohol. i’ve never really had a super interest in drinking but idk lately i’ve just been thinkin’ about it. as for the second part of my dream i really don’t know. i’m gonna just do my best to interpret it but it’s a weird and random one lmao. i think that there’s someone in my life that i’m trying to protect, but by doing so i’m being overbearing and pushing them away. the turtles in my dream represent me being conflicted as to whether or not i should continue pushing or just back off.—