update plus dream #3

okay so i decided to take a lil break today and call into work & school because i got an IUD implant and it freakin hurt my tummy. also i may have accidentally spent 7 hours at my boyfriends house but let’s not talk about that lmao. anywayyyyy i had a multiple part dream last night again!!! except this time it was kinda scary.


basically i started out where i was this therapist speaking with this young child. i was asking about what happened because i could tell that he was disturbed by something. he told me that he had been having these really scary dreams. i later found out that his father was a serial killer and the child had witnessed everything. so i spent like the whole part of my dream trying to protect and save this child, and in the end he ended up being a little psychopath and he killed someone after i get the child’s father in jail. then my dream switched and i was in this giant auditorium. this whole place was black and there was a projection on the stage of stars. i began walking around and the auditorium began to morph into a spaceship. i noticed i wasn’t alone in the spaceship. this woman and i knew each other somehow. we were discussing how we were going to escape this place because for some reason it wasn’t safe for us to be there for too long. i decided that the only way to escape was to grab my keys and unlock this chain that was holding up these two ginormous crates. then when they fell and crashed to the ground, catching the attention of whatever we were afraid of, we could run out into space and be safe. i began unlocking the locks on the chain, and for some reason there was like 10 locks that i had to unlock so you know it was extremely suspenseful and i was STRESSED. anyway, long story short–we escaped quickly after it crashed. space was so incredibly beautiful. the sky was this gorgeous purple and the stars were impossibly bright. we flew out into space and we felt safe. there was a bunch of random planets that we decided to visit. one was earth, another was tiny, and another was just a giant jungle planet.

okay so to interpret the first part of my dream i would have to say that i’m trying to help someone in my life that’s actually toxic and is gonna end up hurting themselves or someone else. as for the second part of my dream, i think that it’s a mixture of me trying to solve my problems but feeling stressed and overwhelmed. i think that the planets and space/spaceship was also a morph of stress and that one rick and morty episode where they go around to different places because they’re outlaws. (i had just watched that episode lmaoooo)

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