dream #4

okay so usually i remember more and more of my dream as i type it out so that’s what i’m gonna do. sorry if it’s kind of all over the place.

the dream begins in this apocalyptic world where there are zombies that search for people in groups to kill. i was with my cousin in this dream, and we’re just going from house to house trying to find food and a place to stay for the night. we found one decent-sized house that we decided to stay in for the night. we first checked the place out to make sure there was no zombies hiding around in an unchecked room. after we were satisfied that there was no zombies we hunkered down. i began to search the cabinets for food, but i wasn’t able to find any. i quickly realized that we needed to find a source of food fast or we were going to starve. there was a knock on the door and my cousin and I were so scared because we thought we were the only ones left alive. we opened the door to find some rando dude who was begging us to make a trade. he was impossibly skinny which led me to believe that he was having the same issue we were experiencing–lack of food. i agreed to making a trade, but i told him that all i had was two pennies. he begged me for them and me being the nice and trusting gorl that i am i allowed the trade to happen. in return he gave me this tiny, shriveled up walnut and i was like, “dude what the heck are we supposed to do with a walnut??” and he just laughed and said, “I gotta survive somehow..” and away he went. i felt so bamboozled and angry because not only were we left with a walnut for food, we were also left penniless. i’m not really sure what the pennies would do for us food-wise, but i felt that they were important to me. after that ridiculous exchange we decided that we weren’t going to stay at this house, especially since we had no food and no money. we ditched the place and went outside to hop in our decked out zombie-killing truck. we drove off into this purple mist and that was the end of the dream.

as far as dreams go this was probably my most normal one lol. to interpret my dream i would have to say that there is someone in my life that i’m trusting and they are gonna screw me over in the end. also i don’t know why but all my dreams have me dealing with a toxic person wtf lol.

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