update: walmart edition

here’s a lil update on how my day went. it was kinda sucky lol. firstly i made my special coffee but only got to drink about half of it because i spilt the other half all over my sheets. and then when i went to work i got put on greeting people, which isn’t my job btw! so as i was greeting people i saw one woman who was literally just in panties!!! it was so wild, but honestly i wish i could just walk around in panties. it’d be a hell of a lot more comfy. and while i was checking receipts i politely asked this older man for his receipt since he was purchasing a larger item that wasn’t bagged, and he was like “are you accusing me of stealing?” and i was like “i’m not accusing you of anything…it’s just our job to check receipts.” and he replied, “well i’m not going to show my receipt unless you’re accusing me of stealing.” and i was like ….”ok sir.” and he just left. I was so extremely annoyed with him until after my shift ended and my favorite song (Santeria by Sublime) came on my pandora. then i was in a pretty good mood for the rest of the night.

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