makeup of the day~

IMG_0002.JPG .     basically the lewk i was going for today was a natural, everyday look that really accentuates you’re eyes. so i started off with nothing on my eyes.

IMG_0006.JPG .          these are the shades that i used. i’m not really sure which palette it is, it’s like the nude morphe palette. anyway, in total i used 5 shades.

IMG_0003 .      start with the first shade which is just the base shade. i cover the lid fully and once that’s done i move on to shade number 2.

IMG_0004 .       i cover the upper crease with the 2nd shade. i make sure that it’s only lightly visible, since it’s just the transition shade.


IMG_0005 .   i add the 3rd shade over my crease and a little on my upper lid. it should darken your crease and make it more visible.

IMG_0007 .  next i add the 4th shade only on the end corners of the crease and i shade and blend the shadows together.



for the final step i get the 5th shade on my finger and dab it onto my lid until i’m satisfied with how it looks. ❤ also by no means am i a makeup artist so i really ust do whatever feels right lol! also ignore my dark circles i was up until 3am last night…

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